Joe Hamilton.

Hamilton's Diary is a book found in Dishonored 2.


This time I'm sure, I saw it. I saw, well, I don't know what or who it was, but there was someone, some hooded creature. Dragging some bloody thing along the corridor. I'm not sure whether its prey was another dog or one of the guards. Not sure which I'd prefer. Those bastards have been mocking me for months now, saying that I lost it and that Dr. Hypatia should lock me up. Captain Ramirez said it's all in my head and that I'd better stop spreading rumors

Dr. Hypatia didn't say much when I first mentioned the half-devoured dog, found in Recuperation. Is she protecting someone? Dr. Vasco looks most suspicious to me. He hasn't even left Recuperation for weeks now. And last time I saw him, he was drawing some rotten blood from the body of the guard who got stung to death by bloodflies. I'm no doctor, but I know that this is not part of the Addermire Solution recipe that Dr. Hypatia invented.

Anyway, if nobody will listen to me, I'll have to track the monster down myself. I'll set up some traps and keep watch every night, until I find out what is going on here.


The book can be found in Joe Hamilton's office after obtaining his key during the mission The Good Doctor.