Hard Times

Hard Times is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2. One version is recorded by Corvo Attano, while another one is recorded by Emily Kaldwin.


Corvo Attano

Hard Times, Corvo

Emily, I know times are hard. You're the ruler of four nations, and I won't pretend to understand the pressure you're under. Only you, and your mother before you, could know what that's like.

Whoever's killing off your enemies is doing so far calculated effect, undermining us. I do know what it's like to be blamed for murders you didn't commit, but trust me, we'll find this "Crown Killer" and they'll pay.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. A sad day, for sure. But I want you to remember all that's happened over the last fifteen years. You've held onto the throne and you've done what you thought was right for the people of the Empire. You drained the Flooded District, kept the gangs in check, and yesterday we lauched a magnificent ship bearing Jessamine's name.

You're becoming the sovereign your mother wanted you to be, and I'm proud of you.

Emily Kaldwin

Hard Times, Emily

As we both know, whoever's killing off my detractors is doing so for calculated effect, undermining me. The “Crown Killer” is being guided by someone, but who?

Tomorrow's the anniversary of mother's death. A sad day for us both. But I want you to remember all that's happened over the last fifteen years.

You've protected me, and taught me how to protect myself. You've helped me see what was right for the people of the Empire. We drained the Flooded District, fought back the gangs, and yesterday we lauched a beautiful ship in mother's name.

I'm trying to become the sovereign she wanted me to be, but, father, I wouldn't be here without you.


It can be found in the bathroom of Emily's chambers, during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.

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