Harm's Way is an achievement/trophy in Dishonored.

How to Acquire

To get this achievement/trophy, there are a few options on how to get enemies to kill themselves. The following states the simplest examples:

  • The guests in Lady Boyle's Last Party can be forced into the wall of light by possessing them, walking to just in front of the wall of light, and then ending the possession. The resulting stagger will then cause them to walk into the wall of light, thus "committing" suicide.
    • Make sure to take out the nearby Overseer or he will prevent Corvo Attano from using magic with his second attempt.
    • The best approach is to clear the area of the guard and Overseer before proceeding.
    • Rewiring a wall of light to use on possessed City Watch personnel counts as a normal kill towards Corvo and will NOT award the achievement.
  • When an enemy fires a projectile, be it a bolt or bullet, freeze time and possess the person who just shot at Corvo. Position them in front of their projectile and unfreeze time, effectively killing them with their own projectile.

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