Hatters gang symbol
"What were the Hatters before I arrived? I'll tell you – a shadow of their former selves. The butt of numerous jokes, in fact."
—Nurse Trimble to the Geezer

The Hatters are a major gang in Dunwall who appear in The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches, and Dishonored 2. Once the most prominent syndicate in Dunwall, their forces were substantially weakened by the coming of the rat plague and the subsequent upturning of the city's criminal underworld. After losing the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery to the Bottle Street Gang, Slaughterhouse Row to the Butchers, and the Wrenhaven River to the Dead Eels, the Hatters have resorted to inciting gang warfare to recover their territory.[1]

The Hatters are first encountered in the Legal District Waterfront, where they can be found holding Thalia Timsh hostage. They are easily recognized by their top hats. They also dress similarly to the Bottle Street gang leader, Slackjaw, and are armed with cleavers and pistols. Their base of operations is in Drapers Ward – specifically in the local textile mill – alongside that of the Dead Eels.

The Hatters are headed by the Geezer, an elderly man kept alive via experimental life support machines. The Geezer is merely a figurehead, however; in actuality, the Geezer is controlled by his nurse, William Trimble, so the latter may exact his will upon the Hatters, providing them with new Sokolov technology to use in the fight against the Eels. If Daud so chooses, he can put the Geezer out of his misery, effectively destroying the gang.

In Dishonored 2, they are encountered in Dunwall's Tower District during A Long Day in Dunwall and Death to the Empress. They dress in much the same attire as before, including their signature top hats, and wield pistols in combat as before. During the first mission they express a desire to establish black market shops in Dunwall, as the Howlers have done in Karnaca, a feat at which they succeed by the final mission.



  • "You fight for shit."
  • "Die, you crusty bastard!"
  • "I'm gonna dump you in the river after I cut you open!"
  • "Cut this bastard up for the hagfish!"
  • "I'm gonna loot your corpse!"
  • "Get a shank in his eye!"
  • "Kick in his teeth!"
  • "Knock this guy out!"
  • "Rough him up!"
  • "Take him down!"
  • "I'll stick you!"
  • "Get him!"
  • "Bleed!"
  • "Go down, you pig!"


  • Graffiti found throughout Dunwall references the recent gang war between the Hatters and the Bottle Street Gang.
  • The building in which the Hatters reside on the Legal District Waterfront is called The Black Friar.
  • Neutral Hatters will hit or kick Daud if he stands in their way.
  • The Hatters retain their gang name after the death of Mortimer Hat and even during the events of Dishonored 2.
    • Some of its members left after the death of the Geezer to form their own gang, such as the Roaring Boys Gang.
  • In 1852, there are women in the Hatters gang. It is unknown if there were any during the events of The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches as none were seen.



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