Screens05 havelock

Havelock with his two companions.

Havelock's Log: Entry Five is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Farley Havelock.

Havelock's Log Entry Five


We've done such things. Cowardly things that I'm ashamed of. How could anyone ever forgive us? Would they, even if things are better? No, no. That's not how it works, once the bureaucrats step in. Everything gets muddy. If anyone ever knew, we'd all lose our heads for this. So no one can ever know. And could we ever control Emily with Corvo around? That's the question that sticks in my mind. We need to make our final move, and we need to make it cleanly. No loose ends. Only a few in the know. The ones with the most to lose.


The audiograph can be found on Havelock's desk in the Lighthouse during the mission The Light at the End.

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