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High Artificer Bartholomew's latest variation of Holger's Device, or "Music Box" as it is more commonly known.

High Artificer Bartholomew is an unseen character in Dishonored, who is a member of the Abbey of the Everyman. He works in the workshop at the Back Yard of the Office of the High Overseer. His works involve the creation, improvement, and recommendation of weaponry[1] and other devices[2] to be used by the Overseers and their wolfhounds[3], the common maintenance of the Office and its backyard[4], and the study of runes and other forms of the "dark arts".


  • During the events of Dishonored, Bartholomew is looking for a new apprentice.
    • Having noticed Humphrey's helpfulness over the few months prior to the game, Bartholomew is considering promoting Humphrey to this position. He currently assigns Humphrey menial work, such as mopping floors and dusting shelves.
  • Bartholomew has little care for the wolfhounds, having devised a harness to strap bombs to them. Hound Master Warton vetoed the idea.[5]


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