DotO Hook Mine Eyeless

Billie holding a hook mine against the Eyeless.

The hook mine is a gadget available to Billie Lurk in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Like other mines, it can be attached to any surface or enemy. When an enemy draws close, it launches a hooked metal ball that will stick to them. The ball is then magnetically pulled back towards the mine, bringing with it anyone that was hooked.

Hook mines can be set to be lethal (denoted by the mine glowing red) or non-lethal (glowing blue). The player can toggle between lethal and non-lethal modes by holding the button set to using the mine for a moment. Lethal hook mines will messily dismember their victims, leaving part of the body attached to the mine; non-lethal mines hold the victim against the mine and shock them into unconsciousness.

Hook mines can be thrown, and will stick to the first object they touch like a sticky grenade. If attached to a solid surface, a mine will grab the first potential victim to come into range. If attached to a person, it will grab the next closest person and pull the two victims together, neutralizing them both. Hook mines make for a decent grenade in direct combat, but given the limited carrying capacity, they are most efficient if thrown directly at a hostile in a group of at least 2.

Hook mines can first be found in a workshop in the Albarca Baths, on a workbench next to a note explaining their use, with the bodies of two Overseers hanging from spent mines as an example. Later in the game they can be found in caches or purchased from the Black Market. If the player has the Salvage Mines upgrade they may pick up spent mines, automatically gaining one new mine for every three salvaged. Salvaging a mine will cause any snared bodies or body parts to fall loose.