"I'm the master of the hounds here, and without my training they'll never do as you request."
—Hound Master Warton

Hound Master Warton is an unseen character and Overseer during the events of Dishonored. Based at the Office of the High Overseer, he is in overall charge of the Abbey's wolfhounds, and has authority over other Overseers in matters relating to them.[1]

For the first year of a wolfhound's life, it is trained by someone outside the Abbey. Only when the training is complete do the wolfhounds move to the Abbey and become Warton's responsibility.[2]

At some point before the mission High Overseer Campbell, Warton accessed the workshop in the Back Yard. There, he saw one of the designs of High Artificer Bartholomew, a harness designed to strap explosives to wolfhounds. Warton informed Bartholomew that he would never allow such a plan, and without Warton's training the wolfhounds would never follow Bartholomew.[1]

Shortly before the same mission, one of the hounds, Voracious, fell ill. Warton departed to collect some medicine, and warned people against opening his cage due to his temper.[3][4]


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