Inspectable objects are objects in Dishonored 2 that either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin will comment on when interacting with them. The nature of the comment is often based on the chaos level.

A Long Day in Dunwall

Globe (Inside the room the protagonist is locked up in)

  • Corvo: "Maybe I should just spin it. Pick a place to lick my wounds. I've got to regroup."
  • Emily: "Should I just spin it, and pick a place to hide for a while? I need time to think."

Grandfather clock (Inside the room the protagonist is locked up in)

  • Corvo: "I helped Emily get a frog unstuck from this old clock when she was eleven. I swear I'll find a way to fix this."
  • Emily: "I used to hide frogs in this old Grandfather's clock, to drive the housekeepers mad. I thought life was complicated back then."

The Hound Pits Pub painting (Inside the room the protagonist is locked up in)

  • Corvo: "The Hound Pits Pub. Today starts another chapter, but will it get as bad as those times?"
  • Emily: "The Hound Pits Pub. I can't believe it, but I actually miss those times."

Hookah (Outside the room the protagonist is locked up in)

  • Corvo: "Jessamine had me drag one of these out to the lake for our picnic once. Times long gone now."
  • Emily: "This reminds me of good times with friends. With Wyman. All gone now."

Corvo Attano / Emily Kaldwin (Statue, in the Throne room)

  • Corvo: "Emily. I'll make this right. I promise."
  • Emily: "Father. I don't know how, but I'll make this right."

Imperial Throne (Throne room)

  • Corvo: "Her reign is off to a grand start." / "Animals. No Respect."
  • Emily: "Her reign is off to a grand start." / "Animals. No Respect."

Portrait of Jessamine Kaldwin (Throne room)

  • Corvo: "Trouble has found us again, Jessamine." / "Watch over me. Grant me the strength I need."
  • Emily: "Trouble has found us again, mother." / "Watch over me. Grant me the strength I need."

Ichabod Boyle (Boyle industries office)

  • Corvo: "Delilah and the Duke didn't hire the most refined assassin." / "Ichabod Boyle, torn apart by the Crown Killer. No friend of mine, maybe he didn't deserve to die like that." / "Poor guy."
  • Emily: "Delilah and the Duke didn't hire the most refined assassin." / "Is that? Ichabod Boyle. Another victim of the Crown Killer, just days ago in Dunwall." / "Poor guy."

Edge of the World

Seven Strictures (Plaques in the Overseer outpost)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "My mother was so devout. The Strictures brought her comfort."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Sometimes the Overseers just seem like another street gang."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Maybe one of these days I’ll burn the Abbey to the ground."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "Some take comfort in the Strictures."
  • Emily High Chaos: "A clever way to control the common folk."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Perhaps we need an eighth Stricture. Defy your empress and be burned alive."

Scales (In a store across the musical duo)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "If only truth and justice could really be weighed on scales."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Revenge on one side, weighed and giving up like a coward on the other."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “How many lives to balance against Jessamine’s or Emily’s? A thousand?”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "If only truth and justice could really be weighted on scales."
  • Emily High Chaos: "Revenge on one side, weighted against surrendering like a coward on the other."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "How many lives to balance against my mother's? A hundred? A thousand?"

Cash Register (Winslow Safes)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "Every coin I pick up brings me closer to making things right again."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "This is my payment for having to wade through so much shit lately."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “In the end, what does it matter; taking your coin, taking your life.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "I have to tell myself that fixing all this will bring back prosperity."
  • Emily High Chaos: "To the powerful go the spoils."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Blood or coin. Everyone is going to pay me their due."

Blood Amber Bloodfly Statue (Hypatia's apartment)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "So much misery under tyrants like the Duke. More corpses, more bloodflies."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Rats, bloodflies. There's always some plague, killing off the weak."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “By the time I leave Karnaca, the bloodflies will have a lot more places to lay their eggs.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "The bloodflies have flourished with all the Duke's executions."
  • Emily High Chaos: "Who's killed more in Karnaca, Madame Bloodfly, you or me?"
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "If I could, I'd nest bloodflies in the hearts of everyone who opposes me."

Wall of Light at Addermire station

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "The Duke has repeated the Lord Regent's mistake." / "The Wall of Light. A terrible mistake from the past."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Maybe I can drag the Duke of Serkonos through one of these."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "The Wall of Light. Effective against the riff-raff."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "These terrified me when I was young." / "The Wall of Light. Cruel and oppressive."
  • Emily High Chaos: "There are a few people I'd like to push into this."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "The Wall of Light. Effective against most people."

The Good Doctor

Stamp (Hypatia's Office)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I remember how the Lord Regent wielded one of these. Bureaucratic weasel."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Rubber stamp. When this is over, we need someone in Serkonos we can trust to do things our way."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “Royal Protector, Spymaster, and maybe Executioner too. Rubber-stamping death decrees at will.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "A rubber stamp. I should have taken all my paperwork more seriously."
  • Emily High Chaos: "I can think of a few laws I'm going to rewrite. No more rabble-rousers."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "I should have rubber-stamped execution paperwork around the clock. So many snakes."

Vise (In Hamilton's quarters)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I remember my father's workshop. He passed too early."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Maybe if we put more fingers in vises, we'd have less rabble-rousing."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “I can see this slowly crushing the faces of everyone who stands against us.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "There are so many skilled craftsmen across the Empire."
  • Emily High Chaos: “I’d like to interrogate Duke Abele with his hand in that thing.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "What I wouldn't give to hear Delilah's skull popping in this thing."

Beaker (In Recuperation)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I bet Sokolov would admire these."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Too bad poison's not my first choice in weapons."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Bet I could make acid with this equipment. Pour it right down into the Duke's gullet."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "Reminds me of natural philosophy lessons from Anton and Piero."
  • Emily High Chaos: “I wish I could experiment on a few of my enemies.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "I'd like to whip up something to burn out Delilah's tongue and throat."

The Clockwork Mansion

Wanted Poster (Upper Aventa District)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "Not the first time someone's put me on a wanted poster."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Seems like I should be worth a bigger reward."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “Before this is over, I’ll be wanted for a lot more death.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "I swear I'll find a way to win back the trust of the people."
  • Emily High Chaos: "That's nowhere near what I'm really worth."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Look carefully, people of Karnaca. Fear this face."

Deep Rift Watcher (First room in the Clockwork Mansion)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I caught one of these in a net once, but it was a lot smaller."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "There are monsters lurking in the Ocean. And in palaces."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “I’d love to see this thing choking Delilah to death.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "There are such strange and wonderful things, living down in the deep."
  • Emily High Chaos: “I’ll dream of this thing dragging Delilah down into the depths.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "If I had eight arms, I could choke eight men at a time."

Typewriter (First room in the Clockwork Mansion)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "Someday, I'll type out my memoirs. All that I've seen, published only after my death."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "The things I could type up on this. Fill the book with all the people I've killed."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “Why use words when I’ve got weapons to make my point?”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "There's no chance that a letter to any of my friends could reach Dunwall right now."
  • Emily High Chaos: “If the coup had failed, I’d be back home, writing Duke Luca Abele’s execution decree.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Someday I'll have bureaucratic army typing writs of execution for my enemies."

Globe ("Upper" waiting room, above the room with the two guests)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "How many more chances will I get to travel? To leave Dunwall?"
  • Corvo High Chaos: "After this is over, I might take a more aggressive approach to rooting out our enemies."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “I won’t stop until the Ocean itself is blood. No matter how many have to die.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "I used to dream of visiting all the far corners of the world."
  • Emily High Chaos: “Corruption is the same everywhere.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Sometimes I think it'd be better if the ocean swallowed all the isles."

The Royal Conservatory

Portrait of Jessamine Kaldwin (Third floor)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I remember how putting your hair up that way drove you mad. And how glad you were to take it down."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Jessamine, you'd laugh if you could see me now, in this situation."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “If you knew about Delilah, you shouldn’t have kept it from me.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "What would you and father advise, if you both were here? Sometimes I dream we're all together again."
  • Emily High / Very High Chaos:
    • "How much of this sprang from your time on the throne?" 
    • "Mother, would I even be in this situation if you'd lived."

Grandfather Clock in Office of Breanna Ashworth (inspect it by looking at the upper part of it)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "So much time has passed since I left Karnaca. So many moments gone."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "I'm counting every hour until I can get my hands around Delilah's neck."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: “Most people waste their lives, then beg for a few more seconds at the end.”
  • Emily Low Chaos: "If only I had more time, before all this trouble. Laughing with friends."
  • Emily High Chaos: "Enjoy your last hours, Duke Abele. I'm coming for you."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "When I close in on Delilah, I'll make it last, counting the minutes."

Dust District

Pickaxe (On the ground inside the building with Meagan Foster, First floor)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "They push the miners here too far. I should do something to help them."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "I'd love to put this through Delilah's head."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Imagine this falling from the Duke's hands, after decades down in a mine."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "I'll make sure mining conditions here improve. We need the silver, but not at any cost."
  • Emily High Chaos: "Maybe the appropriate punishment for the Duke is a life sentence in the mines."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Imagine this falling from the Duke's hands, after decades down in a mine."

Theodanis Adele Statue (In neutral zone)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "Rest easy, Theodanis. You were a good man."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "This man built up Serkonos, and his idiot son tore it down."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "I'm going to bleed out your son and send him into the grave after you."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "The old Duke pinned a medal on my my[sic] father and sent him off to Dunwall."
  • Emily High Chaos: "This man built up Serkonos, and his idiot son tore it down."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "You should have strangled young Luca in the tub, old man."

Impaled Overseer Masks (Close to the entrance of Howler territory)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "The gangs were at each other's throats even when I was young. But now it's against the Abbey."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Choosing between a bunch of thugs and zealots. Maybe they'll kill each other off."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "This city's gone to shit; the district where I grew up even more so. Time to slit some throats."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "Help thugs like the Howlers, or the zealots from the Abbey - I just don't know."
  • Emily High Chaos: "What do you do when two of your enemies are killing each other?"
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Maybe I cut them both down, Howlers and Overseers."

Advert (In front of Lucia Pastor's soup stall)

  • Emily: "The Family Committee. Looking out for the miners."

Dentistry Mannequins (Inside a building in Overseer territory)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "If Karnaca restabilizes, the doctors and dentists will start treating people again."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "Reminds me of a certain mask."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Maybe I should study dentistry, to help with interrogations."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "The dentistry model reminds me of the Overseer masks in Morley."
  • Emily High Chaos: "Atrocious skinless faces, frozen in a silent scream."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "Maybe I'll have a dentist in Dunwall rip the teeth from Delilah's mouth."

Seven Strictures (Plaques in the Overseer outpost)

  • Corvo and Emily: "I wonder how the High Overseer is faring against Delilah, back in Dunwall?"

Plaque (In front of abandoned apartment in Overseer territory)

  • Corvo: "There's a plaque?"
  • Emily: "This is where my father was born?"

A Crack in the Slab

Piano (Room with Insane Stilton, past)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I remember Jessamine learning to play. And trying to get Emily to practice."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "A diversion for the decadent."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "The wires inside would be better used strangling half the people in the Isles."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "I dragged my heels to avoid lessons as a girl. Now it sounds like such a welcome diversion."
  • Emily High Chaos: "After all I've seen here, music just seems like a waste of time."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "I can think of better uses for all this wood and wire. A gallows comes to mind."

Metronome (Room with Insane Stilton, past)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "I can still hear the tick-tock of the metronome I used when teaching Emily to fence."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "So steady, like a heart beating. And just as easy to stop."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Tick, tick, tick. Reminds me of all the hearts I've stopped."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "Corvo used a metronome to help me develop my timing, when we'd duel with sword."
  • Emily High Chaos: "A musician's tool for keeping a steady beat. But maybe an excellent torture device."
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "A stopped heart for every tick. Let it run forever."

Display case (Inside the room with the balcony)

  • Corvo Low Chaos: "The wildlife is so rich here in Karnaca."
  • Corvo High Chaos: "I'd rather have a box of wasps under glass. More honest."
  • Corvo Very High Chaos: "Maybe I should flood Karnaca with killing fumes. Wrap this up quicker."
  • Emily Low Chaos: "This reminds me of something my mother had, from when she was young."
  • Emily High Chaos: “Such pretty little things, all dead and trapped in a box.”
  • Emily Very High Chaos: "I wonder if I could build one of these large enough to hold Parliament.”

The Grand Palace

Harp (Delilah Copperspoon's Chambers)

  • Corvo: "Jessamine had one. In the evenings, she'd sit and play."
  • Emily: "I remember sneaking out of my room, listening to my mother play for my father."

Death to the Empress

Memorial (Gazebo)

  • Corvo: "Jessamine, I wish I could hold you, just once more."
  • Emily: "Mother, I wish we could talk just one more time."

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