Dishonored 2 clockwork soldiers 01

Two "Clankers", officially called Clockwork Soldiers.

Interrogation Report is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Captain Cullero: Your name is Hieronimus Blas.

Suspect: Yes.

Captain Cullero: And you admit to writing, printing and distributing the pamphlet called, "Get the Clankers Off Our Streets"?

Suspect: Yes. You should read it. How long before the Grand Guard is entirely replaced by mechanical soldiers? Indifferent to human suffering, following some aristocrat’s orders blindly.

Corporal Loya: He kinda has a point, Captain. What if the Duke thinks we're not good enough for the job anymore? I don’t want to go back to the mines.

Captain Cullero: Corporal, this is hardly appropriate.

Suspect: Imagine: infallible, incorruptible soldiers.

Corporal Loya: He's right, Captain.

Captain Cullero: Interrogation suspended.



The note can be found in the interrogation room on the second floor of the Grand Guard office in upper Aventa Quarter during the mission The Clockwork Mansion.

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