Jindosh Entry on Whalebone is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Today I'll raise the anatomy platform, bringing it up to the Laboratory floor where I can resume my work evaluating the rune artifact.

Even as a man dedicated to Natural Philosophy, I must admit that my association with the occultist Breanna Ashworth has renewed my interest in the study of whalebone. Given what I've seen over the past three years, working with Breanna, I cannot entirely dispel the idea that the bones of the leviathans possess unusual properties. When pressed, she speaks in the meaningless palaver of the spiritualist.

In an attempt to find answers on my own, I have procured one of the so-called rune artifacts, considered heretical of course by the narrow minds of the Abbey. However, thus far my examinations have netted nothing of interest. A sample of human tissue affected by these runes might reveal more, were I able to get, say, the jawbone of one of those poor sods burned alive by the Overseers.


This note can be found inside the Clockwork Mansion, during the mission of the same name. It is located on a stool in Jindosh's laboratory.

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