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Kaldwin's Bridge.

Kaldwin's Bridge is an unused book from Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a larger work on Dunwall's architecture]

Though an earlier, smaller bridge existed on the same spot in Dunwall for generations, it was the renowned Emperor Kaldwin himself who commissioned a public works project dedicated to creating the monumental version of the bridge we know today. And since it was Emperor Kaldwin, the father of our late Empress, who initiated this great construction, it bears his name.

Kaldwin's Bridge spans the Wrenhaven River at one of its widest points, and is home to a number of the city's luminaries from the worlds of commerce and art. Popular with poets and lovers, the bridge is featured prominently in bar songs and paintings. Until recent times, travelers from other cities across Gristol, and even from the other Isles, journeyed for vast distances, all to spend an evening strolling along the bridge.

It wasn't until the plague crisis and the murder of the Empress that the curfew was instituted on Kaldwin's Bridge. Under the guidance of the Lord Regent, recent security modifications were added out of fear that an ocean-based attacking force might someday assault Dunwall.


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