Kill Chain is a puzzle challenge in Dunwall City Trials. The aim is to kill as many enemies as possible each round.


"Kill an increasingly high number of enemies in a continuous chain using the environments and/or your powers. Between each round, a bonus challenge can be attempted."


As opposed to Bend Time Massacre, this challenge takes place in the same arena. For each round, enemies are placed around the map and remain still. When one target is killed or if the player uses any offensive weapon or power that may alarm the enemies, a 3 second timer will start and only reset by killing another target. The round is failed if the timer runs out before another victim is killed, and will succeed if all targets are killed.

The ideal is to prepare the terrain before starting the kill chain. For example, targets can be possessed and brought together near an environmental hazards (a hanging loudspeaker or a whale oil tank) for a one hit kill. The Wall of Light and Arc Pylon can also be taken advantage of, but require a whale oil tank to work. Powers and weapons are changed for each round, forcing the players to vary the chain. Random bonus rounds can also be attempted for extra points, but not retried.


  • Emily's doll is located under in the tunnel under the train rail which can be accessed through a hole near the inactive Rail Car at the right corner of the map.


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