Lord Pendleton.

Lord Pendleton Memoirs: Chapter 41 is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Treavor Pendleton.
Lord Pendleton Memoirs Chapter 41


Lord Pendleton Memoirs, chapter 41. In which I bed two of the Boyle women, and only missed the third by virtue of some inclement weather. It was the Month of Rain, and to counter the gloom, the Boyle ladies hosted three nights of merriment by invitation only. Lydia was most fetching in lavender pants and a tunic of yellow silk. She was pleased with me from the moment I walked in the door – with my man servant bringing not one but two cases of effervescent wine from the south. In fact I had come laden with gifts, such that all three Boyle women soon took notice, and they set out to make me more than welcome. We uncorked the wine right away, and as night fell we – (sound of something crashing) Wallace! Confound these interruptions! (Recording ends abruptly)


The audiograph can be found on the desk in Pendleton's room at the Hound Pits Pub, during the mission The Royal Physician.

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