Manny in an unseen character and a servant at Stilton Manor during Dishonored 2.

While his normal duties are unknown, he took charge over a statue of Aramis Stilton, asking fellow servant Fernando to have it removed from the Dining Hall as Stilton would not like to have his own face looming over him while eating dinner. Though the statue was moved to the vault, Stilton wanted it facing the wall. Manny decides to wait for Jaime Carrera, the housekeeper, to return and assist Fernando and him with moving it.[1]

If Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin knocks the statue to the floor, Manny asks Jaime whether they should tell Stilton what happened, and worries that Stilton himself did it. He asks Jaime to ask Stilton about it, claiming that Jaime "always know[s] how to speak to him."[2]


  • Stilton came into ownership of Anton Sokolov's painting "The Commutative Rats and the Weeper", a painting which Manny found "creepy". Manny was so relieved when Stilton agreed to have it moved from the Dining Room to the vault that he moved it himself.[1]


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