Meeting Delilah is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Breanna Ashworth.

Meeting Delilah


I meant nothing to my fine family beyond an advantageous marriage and years of childbearing.

They promised me to a man three times my age, who wheezed on about our wedding night. But a curious thing happened on the way to the altar.


From the first time I slipped out of the manor in the dead of night, there was no returning to my cage. Looking at the stars and drinking wine on a rooftop, I was free.

Instead of seeing the Overseers for marriage, I visited my father's banker, and raced away from my old life, toward Delilah. Those were the coven's glory days.


The audiograph can be found in Breanna Ashworth's Office in the Royal Conservatory, during the mission The Royal Conservatory.

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