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"You'll know him. A rather brusque man, wearing a wolf's mask."
– Pendleton on Lord Shaw

Lord Montgomery Shaw is a member of the Gristol aristocracy and resides in the capital city of Dunwall. He appears to have a rivalry with Lord Treavor Pendleton.


During Lady Boyle's Last Party, Corvo can encounter Lord Shaw within the estate's garden, standing near the side entrance and wearing a wolf mask.

If Corvo delivers the letter given to him by Lord Pendleton, Shaw will declare Pendleton "a gutless, lying sack of shit," and initiate a duel, with Corvo acting in place of the absent noble.


  • Because Shaw is only encountered during Lady Boyle's Last Party while wearing his wolf mask, his appearance is unknown.
  • Shaw's Heart lines are those of the generic male aristocrat.
  • In the Mystery Foe challenge of Dunwall City Trials, there is an aristocrat wearing the same mask as Lord Shaw.
  • If Treavor Pendleton's note is not delivered and Shaw not killed, Pendleton reveals that he referred to Shaw's wife as having "the face of a plague rat", which is the reason for the duel.
  • Lord Shaw is the only aristocrat in the mission who will attack Corvo, even outside of the duel, should the need arise.
  • In The Brigmore Witches, Lord Shaw is mentioned in a conversation between two Dead Eels.


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