More Woes Afflict "Dust District" Residents is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


The situation inside the Batista District continues to deteriorate at a rapid pace. Not long ago the great area prospered under the watchful eyes of mining operations owner Aramis Stilton. But the well-liked worker's advocate disappeared three years ago under suspicious circumstances, and since then the entire district has been afflicted by increasingly foul air and gang violence.

A functionary from the Grand Serkonan Guard admitted that the group has essentially abandoned the area. "It's simply too dangerous," he said of the crime inside what is now commonly called the Dust District. "The Overseers and the damn Howlers fighting for control in the streets, with skirmishes every day, assassinations, torture, and so forth. After a while we just decided to withdraw and let the two have it out," he said. "Sealed it all up behind a few well placed Walls of Light."


The newspaper article can be found in the same room as the black market shop, during the mission The Royal Conservatory.

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