An advertisement for Mortimer Hat's Fine Textiles.

Mortimer Hat's Fine Textiles was a business owned by Mortimer Hat. Its closed buildings are located in Drapers Ward.

Mortimer Hat was an entrepreneur who took advantage of the vacant warehouse space in Drapers Ward after many factories moved to neighboring islands. He sought to market "high end clothing that was designed to appeal to Dunwall's elite, sold at a substantial markup".[1]

Mortimer Hat's Fine Textiles grew to become a popular boutique among the aristocracy, and Hat was able to charge very high prices for his clothing because the rich would pay "any cost to be seen in the latest styles".[1]

However, once it was revealed that Hat's factories, supervised by "hardened men",[1] subjected workers to cruel conditions and low pay, the aristocracy rejected any invitations to shop at Mortimer Hat's Fine Textiles, and the boutique's business suffered. It went out of business during the decline of Drapers Ward.



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