A map of the Pandyssian Continent.

Mysteries of Pandyssia is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a book on the Far Continent, Pandyssia]

At the Academy of Natural Philosophy they speak of the Pandyssian Continent as a place of wonder, where all life has intwined and blossomed across aeons, producing a vibrant ecology unrivaled in the civilized world. The Overseers from the Abbey of the Everyman, by contrast, talk of horror and heresies. Of cults of sub-men engaged in brutal, perverse rituals.

The few who have traveled to the Far Continent and come back to the Isles, those who have actually touched the soil there, have returned with notes that describe vast deserts, deep jungles, and outlandish creatures that defy belief.

Once in a generation, a great effort is mounted to build a colony there, in hopes of this someday growing into a port city to rival Dunwall itself. But to date, these attempts have all ended in madness and failure.


The book can be found in Samuel Beechworth's shelter outside the Hound Pits Pub at any time. Another copy can be found beside Anton Sokolov's bed in his safehouse during the mission The Royal Physician.

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