New Orders is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Duke Luca Abele.

New Orders


You did well finding Anton Sokolov, my friend. The old man is with Kirin Jindosh, who is prying him apart, digging out all his secrets. Adding Sokolov's knowledge to his own, who knows what wonders of natural philosophy Jindosh will reveal in future days.

But it's time for you to come out once again. Time to play. We have need for your special talents. The good doctor's due for a trip to Dunwall because Ichabod Boyle is next on the list.

Make haste and make this one messy. Give the newspapers something to write about and give the people of the Empire fodder for their nightmares.


The audiograph can be found in a room by Hypatia, during the mission The Good Doctor.