Timsh lawyer blond1

One of Timsh's lawyers.

Note from a Lawyer is the title of two different written notes found in The Knife of Dunwall.

Note One


I suggest you do some research into cases concerning similar acts of arson. I don't think your client has a case, but if you confuse the issue enough with terror tales the jury might just vote with their hearts rather than their heads. It's what Timsh would do, I trust.
- J


It can be found in one of the legal offices on the first floor of the Timsh Estate during the mission, Eminent Domain.

Note Two


A, when are we going to get a secretary? I can never find any of the documents filed by J, and S doesn't seem to file anything. This place is turning into a vortex of disorganization so big you could ride a whale into it.


It can be found in the archives of the Timsh Estate during the previously mentioned mission.

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