Mitchel's Marketplace

Out of Business Notice is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


To my Loyal Customers,

I've done my best to provide a provisioning service to you even after all the decent citizens have abandoned Drapers Ward, but now it is clear that there is no livelihood for me here now and that association with you all will eventually cost me my life.

To those who have never wronged me, I suggest you take your business to Jerome. He can be found in a second floor apartment just a stone's throw away from here, next to Millenary Canal. His prices will climb now that I'm gone, but he seems like a fair enough man.

For those who have harassed me, stolen from me, and driven me from my home: I hope you suck on the barrel of a City Watch pistol someday. I'm sure you will all meet violent and unhappy endings.


- Mr. Mitchel
Mitchel's Marketplace


It can be found in Drapers Ward on the door of a closed building during the mission The Dead Eels.

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