Overseer Berthold.

Overseer Berthold is a minor character featured in Dishonored. He is an Overseer, but unlike his other "brothers", he can be spotted without a mask.


Berthold can be found in the Back Yard of the Office of the High Overseer along with his sister, Elsa, and two Overseers who believe Elsa to be a witch. Berthold defends his sister both verbally and physically, and Corvo has the chance to save Berthold and Elsa, after which they will thank him. Berthold will also give him the combination to a safe in the bunkhouse.

It is unknown why Berthold is not wearing his mask and why his sister is with him. However, Berthold receives a letter from a friend in his mailbox warning him that someone tried to put evidence of Elsa's involvement in witchcraft in his post box.



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