Overseer Harold

Overseer Harold.

"I can smell the stench of the Void. There is something perverse in this place."
—Overseer Harold investigating Amadeo's apartment

Overseer Harold is a minor character in Dishonored 2 and an Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman.


Sometime prior to the events of Dishonored 2, Harold met Overseer Chester, who was in a very agitated state due to an issue relating to his faith. Harold took Chester aside and talked it through with him, suggesting that Chester undertake a certain cleansing ritual. Chester agreed, though said that even the conversation with Harold improved his state. In a letter, Chester asked that Harold not talk about that to anyone, promising he would perform the ritual shortly.

Dishonored 2

During the mission Edge of the World, Harold and another Overseer have been assigned to investigate the apartment of Amadeo Monte after many forbidden items, including an Outsider shrine and a bone charm, were found. When Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin arrive, Harold is studying the bookshelf, and will remain doing so unless disturbed.

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