Paolo's Concern is a written note found in Dishonored 2.

First Version

Things just got worse. Mindy’s got herself killed. She were deadly as poison, and you never knew what that woman was gonna say next, but I depended on her for everything. Some masked stranger’s cutting through the Dust, and I got attacked myself. Barely slipped away. Could be the same one who got Mindy. I’m going to need you to step up.


Second Version

Now things are a real mess. Mindy’s dead. Murdered, is my guess. And she wasn’t just another lieutenant. You once said she was unpredictable, but that doesn’t go halfway to describing her. That dangerous smile of hers. Never did know what would come of out her mouth next. I’ve lost one of the handful I could count on. I’m going to need you to step up.

— Paolo

Third Version

Be on your toes, my twin spirit friend. I got jumped and I'd be bleeding away in the Void if I hadn't run off like a rat. They had their faces covered. Not an Overseer, not Grand Guard. Someone from out of town, I think. Someone good. All our troubles, and now some masked stranger from across the waters. Spread the word, Howlers should be stiff for this one.

— Paolo


The note can be found during the mission Dust District on Paolo's desk. Its appearance and content change depending on if:

  • Mindy Blanchard was killed in the mission Edge of the World and Paolo attacked in The Clockwork Mansion for the first version.
  • Only Mindy Blanchard was killed in the mission Edge of the World for the second version.
  • Only Paolo was attacked in the mission The Clockwork Mansion for the third version.

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