Persuading Sokolov is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Kirin Jindosh.

Persuading Sokolov


So many events in motion, each exerting subtle gravity. With Delilah, a new empire could be drawn, and all the old barriers broken. Much could be accomplished.

My Clockwork Soldiers have played their part, but each costs more coin than a wealthy man sees in a lifetime.

It could take me years to find a solution on my own. But if Sokolov can be tamed, together we might refine the process, making new clockworks at a fraction of the cost.

Whether I seduce my old teacher with the thrill of discovery, or whether I’m force to apply the clamps to his flesh and turn on the voltage, no matter.


This audiograph can be found in the study section of Jindosh's quarters in the Clockwork Mansion during the mission of the same name.