Arc pylon2

Piero's arc pylon.

Piero's Arc Pylon is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Piero Joplin.
Piero's Arc Pylon


The copper wiring is making all the difference. Increasing the output by almost 50 percent. Yet the whale oil still has too many impurities. I'll need to find a way to filter it myself if that idiot can't provide a better grade. Even the Academy doesn't have anything that will refine it to the specifications I require. Something new then, perhaps using charcoal, or a multiple chambered device? I feel confident the answer will come to me tonight as I slumber.


The audiograph can be found in Piero's Workshop after the mission Lady Boyle's Last Party.


  • Piero clearly says "I need to find a way", not "I'll need to find a way" like is transcribed.

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