Sokolov piero loyalists

Sokolov and Piero.

Piero's Thoughts on Sokolov is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Piero Joplin.

Piero's Thoughts on Sokolov


His logic is flawed, anyone can see that! And not an original idea to be heard! His notes are a mess, if he even keeps them. How he got this far is anyone's guess. He says what they want to hear. Friend of the rich, that's his method. Sokolov's true genius is in pampering the aristocracy. Fools.


The audiograph can be found in Piero's Workshop after completing the mission The Royal Physician.


  • Piero's penultimate sentence differs between the transcription and his voice - in the latter, he does not pronounce the word "in".

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