0 greaves bridge

The bridge in the Greaves Refinery.

Refinery Foreman's Note is a written note in Dishonored.


Tell your shift captain to assign a maintenance burk for every shift. The conduits keep shorting out up here.

At least authorize us to put a whale oil canister in the backup receptacle next to the bridge to keep the power flow steady. We’re Greaves Company for crying out loud. You’d think we’d be able to afford an extra one of our own oil tanks.

Or if you need me to make it simple for you – with no power, the bridge stays up. If the bridge stays up, we can’t access the refinery pit. No pit access, we don’t do our jobs. Plain and simple.


It can be found beside the bridge Corvo must lower to access the Greaves Refinery pit during The Flooded District.

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