The entrance to the Greaves Refinery.

Refinery Manager's Log is a book that can be found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a work log]

The tankers marked "Batch B" coming from the Whalehouse slaughteryard need to be connected to the deeper pipe-row ONLY. These barges contain blubber from juvenile whales and have to undergo a different refinement process to ensure the same level of potency. We need to get the tankers emptied and back out to the Whalehouse as fast as possible.

Greaves Lighting Oil Company is on track for record profits this quarter and I want it to be the Refinery that gets the credit for it, not those ass-scratchers at the Whalehouse!


This book can be found outside the Greaves Refinery, in a blocked-off room next to the stair control room during the mission, The Flooded District. It can only be accessed through the ceiling near the entrance.

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