The delilah

The Delilah.

Rothwild's Business is an audiograph found in The Knife of Dunwall, recorded by Bundry Rothwild.
Rothwild's Business


Fleet report for the Month of Nets. The Dauntless sailed north 10 days, to no result; word is, she restocked in Driscol to pursue a large pod east of Morley. The Delilah's coming back fully loaded. No reports of lights or singing; another sign the Barrister's lost it. The Huntress is in dry-dock after a night-time ramming off Pandyssia; engineers looked at the damage, they say wasn't a whale. Or if it was, it was a very odd-looking one.


It can be found on a desk in the Rothwild Slaughterhouse offices, during the mission A Captain of Industry.

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