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As a result of the mark bestowed upon them by the Outsider, Corvo and Daud possess the supernatural ability Shadow Kill, which turns their slain opponents to ash, eliminating the need to hide bodies.

Ability tiersEdit

Tier I - (2 runes (Corvo)/ 1 rune (Daud))Edit

Tier I Shadow Kill requires two runes, and once the power is unlocked, Corvo's enemies, upon being caught unaware, turn to ash after he kills them.

Tier II - (4 runes (Corvo)/ 3 runes (Daud))Edit

With Tier II Shadow Kill, all of Corvo's slain enemies turn to ash, whether unaware or alerted to his presence. This upgrade is essential for a stealthy high chaos run, as Corvo does not have to take the time to hide corpses.


  • This power does not affect how Chaos works.


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