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Shadow Walk is the supernatural ability to turn oneself into a dark, smoke-like state. This ability is granted to Emily Kaldwin by The Outsider. Being a shadow, Emily is much more stealthy, though can still interact with enemies.


Ability Runes Previous upgrade Description
Shadow Walk 4 N/A Assume a stealthier form for a short time.
Rat Shadows 1 Shadow Walk Move through rat tunnels in your stealthier form.
Improved Shadow Attack 2 Shadow Walk Assassinate or incapacitate up to 2 enemies during Shadow Walk.
Greater Shadow Attack 2 Improved Shadow Attack Assassinate or incapacitate up to 3 enemies during Shadow Walk.
Shadow Run 2 Shadow Walk Move faster while in your stealthier form.

Usage tips

  • Though Emily is harder to see in shadow form, she is not invisible.
  • Shadow Walk does not reduce the amount of damage Emily takes.
    • Equipping the bone charms Shadow Repose and Dark Extraction allows Emily to regenerate large amounts of health while in shadow form.
  • As Emily does not have Possession, the Rat Shadows upgrade is very useful for accessing hard-to-reach areas and bypassing various locked doors.
  • While Shadow Walk can get Emily to her target, it will deactivate as soon as she interacts with this enemy.
    • Purchasing Improved Shadow Attack allows Emily to flee the scene still in shadow form.
  • While in shadow form, Emily cannot jump or climb. This can force her to take a more circuitous route that can take her closer to enemies.
  • Shadow Walk, while stealthy, is slower than normal movement, which can be a disadvantage when near enemies. Buying the Shadow Run upgrade can assist with this.
  • Being closer to the ground, visibility is reduced with Shadow Walk. This lowers its potential as a scouting tool.
  • Shadow Walk is not inherently lethal, as guards can also be rendered unconscious.

Related Bone Charms

  • Shadow Embrace - Shadow Walk lasts slightly longer.
  • Dark Extraction - Shadow Walk assassination restores some Health.
  • Shadow Repose - Regain Health during Shadow Walk.


  • In the trailer for Dishonored 2, Shadow Walk is capable of climbing a wall.[1] In-game, however, it is not.
  • Entering water immediately turns Emily back into her normal form.
  • Shadow Walk is reflective of the period of terror that was Emily's throne being usurped.[2]



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  2. Emily Kaldwin Spotlight

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