Shindaerey Peak.

"Here, the Void is closest to the surface of reality, breaking through and spilling out all the fear and power the Abbey of the Everyman tries to hide."
—The Outsider

Shindaerey Peak is the tallest mountain in Karnaca, and is the cause of the rapid winds known as the Sirhrocco Currents. Built along the side of the mountain is the Wind Corridor, which harnesses and directs the currents into large windmills located at the end of the corridor in the Batista Mining District.

Shindaerey Peak is unique in the Empire of the Isles in that it is the only place where the world and the Void meet. It is because of this that the Cult of the Outsider have made their base here. Shindaerey Peak also houses the Eye of the Dead God, a relic of the Void's previous entity, and North Quarry Town, in which is the forgotten Shindaerey North Quarry.


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