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Sokolov's Health Elixir

Sokolov's Elixir is a restorative, invented by the Royal Physician Anton Sokolov, that helps stave off the effects of the rat plague. It is the first of two anti-plague elixirs to be created, the other being Piero's Spiritual Remedy.

The elixir is one of the main reasons that members of the City Watch remain loyal to the Lord Regent throughout Dishonored, as their loyalty guarantees a daily ration of the restorative, which is in short supply. The manufacturing of the product is mentioned to be funded by Lady Boyle. [citation needed]

It acts as a health potion in-game, restoring health to Corvo Attano and Daud when used.

Related Bone CharmsEdit


  • Robust I - Potions grant 5% more health.
  • Robust II - Potions grant 10% more health.


  • Slackjaw and his thugs make a bootleg version of Sokolov's Elixir inside the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery; Corvo can procure several elixirs from the still, provided empty vials are available.
    • Despite the implied nature that the bootleg elixirs are watered down, they function just as well as the normal variety.
    • Before being used to make new elixir, the empty vials will behave exactly as other empty bottles. They can be picked up, thrown, and will even break on solid surfaces. This will have the side effect of alerting others if they are within earshot.
  • It is implied that one of the elixir's key ingredients is made from River Krusts.
  • The posters for Sokolov's Elixir state that it "promotes robust health and fitness" and that it is "the most popular formula in the city."
  • Piero claims that Sokolov stole his elixir formula.


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