Sticky Grenade

The sticky grenade is a gadget in Dishonored and Dishonored 2 that sticks to surfaces it touches and then explodes, dealing a considerable amount of damage to its target. Like normal grenades, they can be "cooked" (an action that can be cancelled in Dishonored 2), meaning that they can be held for longer to reduce the time until explosion.

In Dishonored, they become available for purchase from Piero Joplin after Corvo Attano finds the blueprints. In Dishonored 2, they can be purchased from black market shops after the blueprint is found, but can also be found around the world.

Sticky grenades are less effective against supernatural targets, as they often tend to blink away, leaving the grenade behind. They are very effective against strong enemies such as tallboys and Clockwork Soldiers, often killing them in one or two hits.

In Dishonored 2, the Impact Grenades upgrade largely nullifies sticky grenades, who main purpose is to be harder to avoid. However, impact grenades are not triggered by Clockwork Soldiers.



Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Grenade Capacity 450 Coins N/A Increases Grenade storage capacity by 4 (9 total).

Dishonored 2

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
The Expansive Lady 700 Coins Impact Grenades, Counter-Blast Inversion Blueprint (Masterwork) Grenade blast radius is expanded.
Discreet Inquiry 700 Coins Impact Grenades, Counter-Blast Inversion Blueprint (Masterwork) Grenade noise is reduced.

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Dishonored 2

  • Combustion - Your grenades inflict slightly more damage.
  • High Pressure - Grenades inflict more damage, but have a smaller blast radius.