Stu (2)

Stu's face.

"If yer so sure, then you shove it."
—Stu talking to the other thug.

Stu is a minor character and a gangster who appears in Dishonored during the mission House of Pleasure. He is a member of the Bottle Street Gang, who is sent by Slackjaw, along with other thugs, to raid the Art Dealer's Apartment owned by Bunting.

He and another member attempt to open the door with a screwdriver, but to no avail. He complains about having "bruised his shoulder" but is told to stop "crying".  The other thug then tells Stu to "imagine what could be behind it", telling him "that will gitcha through the pain". Stu then tells the other thug to open the door if he's so sure, thus ending their conversation and the attempt to open the vault.


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