Successful Prototype! is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2 recorded by Delilah Copperspoon.

Successful Prototype


It worked! I painted the Chapel, but added a tree to the painting. After arranging the runes around the chair, both pure and corrupted, I was able to transpose the chapel made of paint with the one made of stone. With more runes, I should be able to do the same to all the empire. This will be my greatest undertaking, transposing my painting - The World As It Should Be - with this wretched dung heap we're all born into. At last, all will be made proper and good.


It can be found in the Overseer Chapel in Dunwall Tower during the mission Death to the Empress.


  • The transcript for this audiograph in the journal is wrong. It adds a paragraph break between "runes" and "I should", also splitting the sentence in two.

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