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"It rained hard yesterday. Felt like it was washing some of the badness away."
―A survivor
Survivors two


Survivors are individuals who have managed to survive both the rat plague and the violence within Dunwall.

They are most often found in deserted areas not occupied by the City Watch, criminal factions (such as the Bottle Street Gang), or weepers. Many survivors work as laborers or servants to support themselves. They are not hostile to Corvo Attano or Daud and will converse with either if prompted, usually talking about the plague, the Watch, or other unfortunate happenings.

Quotes Edit

Idle Chat Edit

  • "Nasty rat get away." (When crushing a lone rat)
  • "How did it pass me by? All the others, down with the sickness."
  • "Half the City's dead. We won't make it three more months."


  • In several instances throughout the game, groups of weepers found in a high chaos run will instead be survivors in a low chaos run.
  • Two armed survivors dubbed "looters" can be found in the Flooded District in a building near Rudshore Gate. Corvo can easily take their loot, but he cannot interact with them. The looters will either hit or kick Corvo if he stands directly in front of them for an extended amount of time. However, they will also attack him with their swords if they are attacked.
  • Survivor models are utilized for the laborers at the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.


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