Sweet Innocent Hypatia is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Grim Alex.

Sweet Innocent Hypatia


I come and I go, putting Hypatia to sleep as I want. But even when she's awake, I'm with her, looking out through her eyes; my cold, dry sister. She saves her love for the sooted workers, suffocating deep down in the mines. For the children in hovels at the edge of the city, cursed with short, nasty lives. And for Vasco, her trusted assistant, missing now for months. Wherever did he go, dear sister? I long to take him apart, to roll in the mess. Rutting against his slippery skull, driving myself against his red femur. In time, good Vasco, in time.


The audiograph can be found in the recuperation room at the Addermire Institute in the same section as Vasco during the mission The Good Doctor.


  • Playing the audiograph while Hypatia is still her true self will cause her to shift into the Grim Alex personality without having to interact with Vasco.

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