Silvergraph, jindosh

A silvergraph of Kirin Jindosh.

THE SILVER SPIKE – Genius Inventor Can Barely Recall His Own Name! is a newspaper article in Dishonored 2.


Kirin Jindosh loses his smarts in a bold experiment gone wrong! You know him as the Grand Inventor, the genius of our time! But that was before his latest experiment went somehow wrong, leaving the man a blubbering shell of his former self! Scandalous, but true. 

Servants are gleefully coming forward with stories of the once great inventor now barely able to navigate from room to room. One woman claims that Jindosh is now unable to determine which way to turn a simple bolt. "Everyone knows it's righty-tighty," she said. Another wondered openly whether Jindosh may have been using his pupils' ideas all along, faking his genius to gain reputation.

Allegedly a cruel employer, sadistic in his dismissal of his staff's basic needs, there is one curious turn in this story. Those closest to the inventor claim that he is now gentle as a lamb.


The newspaper article can be found on the ledges in the Royal Conservatory, during the mission The Royal Conservatory if Jindosh was dealt with non-lethally during the mission The Clockwork Mansion. Otherwise, there is an alternative article there.

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