THE SILVER SPIKE – We demand the cure

THE SILVER SPIKE – We demand the cure! is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


As the "Bloodfly Concern" gets worse, we're all waiting for a miracle cure. The question is, how many more have to die in agony!?

Addermire Solution is good for miner's woes. Enriched, it's been used to treat bloodfly fever with some success. And Dr. Alexandria Hypatia has stated publicly that she could improve the formula. So where's the cure? What happened?

Let me tell you: Duke Luca Abele shuttered Addermire Institute with Hypatia inside! She's a prisoner!

There's only one explanation for this: It's quite plain that this precious remedy is not available to anyone but the Duke and his circle of rich cronies. It's my opinion that they intend to whittle down the impoverished to a manageable few! The Duke drinks copious amounts of Hypatia's cure while the rest of us perish!


This newspaper can be found on a desk in the lower level of Addermire Station in the Campo Seta Dockyards during the mission Edge of the World.

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