THE SILVER SPIKE - Popular Shops Burglarized!

THE SILVER SPIKE - Popular Shops Burglarized! is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


What's the Empire coming to? You know those shops we're not supposed to talk about? The ones we all depend on for the supplies that cannot be found in regular shops? At prices that seem steep until you realize that the Duke's tariffs make regular shops just as pricey.

Yes, I'm talking about the black market. Even talking about this puts your Silver Spike editor at risk for even more time in our local jails!

The matter at hand involves the robbery of several black market shops. Somehow, despite the "protections" of Paolo and the Howlers, some enterprising criminal or rival gang has outmaneuvered them. Maybe we were wrong to think Paolo could deliver on his big promises!

It's getting harder to come by good contraband, and now prices are sure to go up.


This newspaper can be found on a luggage where two civilians playing poker next to Winslow building during the mission The Grand Palace, if black market shops have been robbed in previous missions.

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