PAX Meagan Foster

Thank You is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


It's something I should say to your face, but that's hard for me. Thank you for what you did, bringing Anton back. What would I have done without him puttering around the ship, mumbling and stroking his greasy beard?

I wanted to find him on my own, but hearing what you went through, I'm impressed. Anyway, enjoy this bottle from the Captain's Reserve. Good stuff, I got from an aristocrat, wanting quick passage out of Karnaca a while back. You'll need it now that Anton is back, if you want to sleep. His snoring cuts straight through the bulkhead.

- Meagan


The note can be found on the desk in the guest quarters upon waking up on the Dreadful Wale after the mission The Clockwork Mansion.

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