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Doctor Galvani's laboratory.

"Lucky for you to have an old friend who never left the Academy...Next time you're nearby, come in for an afternoon. We've stayed fairly insulated from the plague, since so few come and go here, and we've got quite the stock of Tyvian brandy."
—Artemis Moore, Procurement Clerk and Provisioner, Academy of Natural Philosophy[1]

The Academy of Natural Philosophy, founded in 1572,[2] is the chief authority of science throughout the Empire of the Isles. Accepting the finest minds from across the continents, admittance into this prestigious establishment is extremely selective due to a long and arduous application process. As such, only the best and brightest are allowed into this exclusive sanctuary located somewhere on the edge of Dunwall; firmly off-limits to everyone "except esteemed members and the few students accepted each year."[3]

An ancient and esteemed establishment, it serves as a focal point for the study of nature, the human corpus, celestial heavens, and the physical universe. As such, its halls bustle with chemists, cosmologists, philosophers, alchemists, vivisectionists, and cartographers.[3]

To those not initiated into its high-class academia, the only foray into this exclusive world includes glimpses of exotic crates being hauled into the back doors from the Wrenhaven River, or the odd smells that emerge from several smokestacks atop the Academy.[3]

Heads of the Academy of Natural Philosophy


  • Esmond Roseburrow was a natural philosopher whose ideas were rejected across the Isles but eventually revolutionized industry with his studies on refined Whale Oil. It is not clear if he was expelled from the academy or left on his own.[6]
  • Anton Sokolov is a researcher, artist and inventor who improved on Roseburrow's work and brought a new age of industry throughout the Empire.
  • Piero Joplin was the youngest person to ever attend the Academy and one of the keenest, but was expelled for unknown reasons (thanks partially to Sokolov, who approved the decision). He returned to the Academy after the rat plague to teach the next generation of students.[7]
  • William Trimble studied at the Academy for a time, and he and Piero clashed often over their theories on the preservation of mortifying tissue. The conflict was finally resolved with a coin toss, which Trimble lost.[8]
  • Luigi Galvani has some sort of connection to the Academy, but it is not clear if he was a student or a professor.[1]
  • Douglas Church is a researcher who invented a diving bell to study whales in the deep sea and nearly lost his life during the submersible's test.
  • Doctor Toksvig is Sokolov's successor as Royal Physician to the Empress and studied under him.[9]
  • Kirin Jindosh was one of the keenest minds at the Academy and worked toward a Master of Engineering. He was banned for life and his work revoked for unspecified reasons.[10][11]
  • Alexandria Hypatia studied at the Academy under Sokolov and Joplin.[7] She graduated Doctor of Medicine in 1838[12] and founded the Addermire Institute of Infectious Disease in Karnaca.
  • Malchiodi spent his youth at the Academy.[13]


  • The Academy is similar to the real-world Royal Society of London. They both exist as institutions for the betterment of research and sciences.
  • It is rumored that Daud attended the Academy for a winter.[14] This is further implied by Galia Fleet, who recalls Daud making cryptic comments to describe the Academy.[15]
  • The cover for the art book Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives states that the book was compiled by "Merrit's Printing Firm for the Academy of Natural Philosophy."
  • The Academy's address in Dunwall is 15 Oxblood Way.[16]
  • A replica of the Heart is housed at the the Academy.[16]
  • During the events of Dishonored 2, the Academy distanced themselves from events, not expressing any opinions on the changes.
  • The Academy of Natural Philosophy is sometimes called the Academy of Natural Sciences.[17]


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