The Art of the Steal is a hidden achievement/trophy in Dishonored.

How to Acquire

Corvo Attano must first contact Slackjaw during the mission House of Pleasure, where the mob boss will give him a side objective to acquire the combination to Bunting's safe. Bunting is located in the Silver Room on the first floor of the Golden Cat, strapped into an electric chair.

Corvo must begin to shock Bunting, who assumes he is his courtesan, but not stop when Bunting tells him to. When Bunting realises that something is wrong, Corvo can ask him for the combination to his safe.

Corvo must then infiltrate the art dealer's home, located on John Clavering Boulevard within the Distillery District. From there, Corvo must find the safe, open it and steal its contents. Afterward, he must return to Slackjaw, give him the combination, unlocking the achievement.

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