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The Golden Cat as seen from street level.

"The Golden Cat ... A bathhouse for aristocrats. Little better than a cursed brothel."
— Teague Martin

The Golden Cat is a pleasure establishment in Dunwall, part brothel, part steam-house, and part burlesque parlor. It is the primary location of the mission, House of Pleasure.

Many of the richer denizens of the city, including Thaddeus Campbell and the Pendleton twins, make regular visits to the pleasure house. It is managed by Madame Prudence, and staffed by courtesans.

While the Golden Cat was temporarily closed due to a plague infestation and the building has yet to be fully cleaned,[1] it reopens by the time Corvo escapes imprisonment in Coldridge.[2] He later travels to the brothel to assassinate the Pendleton brothers and retrieve Emily Kaldwin, who is being held there in secret by Hiram Burrows and his associates.

A steam-room can be found on the underground level, adjacent to a fish pond. The courtesans perform their duties on the upper floors of the establishment, in the private suites. Smaller, less opulent rooms in a different wing of the building serve as the courtesans' dormitory.


  • Red lamps next to the doors of the private suites indicate if a room is currently occupied.



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