Rs whale01

A captured whale.

The Leviathans' Sorrow is a book found in Dishonored and The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from a report on a treatise banned by the Rudshore Trade Council]

Little is known of Pacotti, credited with this series of pamphlets arguing against the whaling trade. While he is gifted, his views are nonsense and threaten the economic underpinnings of the Empire.

01 Enslavement: On the breeding and husbanding of whales, versus hunting the beasts in the wild after "a natural and free life cycle." Pacotti offers no solutions for where these massive, malevolent creatures might be "pastured."

02 Dissolution: Laments on the destruction of "social" bonds between herd members. Pacotti actually uses the term "families."

03 Harmony: Drivel on the "aesthetic wonder" of what is, in reality, the great and terrible Ocean that ever-threatens to swallow us. Includes arguments on the "gentle nature" of the brutes, a notion refuted by seamen who return to shore, wide-eyed with tales of the whales' savagery.

04 Disruption: Here Pacotti is on his weakest footing, issuing up feverish warnings against the displacement or transference of natural beasts from their native environments.


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