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Bitterleaf Almshouse

The Bitterleaf Almshouse, where the book takes place.

The Shadow on Bitterleaf is a book found in Dishonored and The Brigmore Witches.


[Excerpt from a longer work of fiction]

Finding my way by the feeble light of the dying fire, I saw her working. A large needle moved in her hand, following precise, esoteric patterns; knots and loops of seamstress-craft from ancient days. Beneath her needle, his body clenched and shuddered, shaking the wooden table.

A morbid fascination pushed me closer, until she turned her blank face toward me, resting the needle in his flesh. With a refined tone, she addressed me, "So you are the lover, I presume. You too have been unfaithful, and it is now your turn to be mended."



  • According to developer Harvey Smith, The Shadow on Bitterleaf is a tale about a murderer who lives in the Bitterleaf Almshouse performing seamstress-themed killings to punish the lecherous and unfaithful. The "shadow" of these murders stays with the business over the years.[1]


  1. Developer Commentary – The Shadow on Bitterleaf

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